Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest

Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest


Our list’s fifth-place finisher was named after our 16th president. Lincoln is Ford’s luxury brand, and it’s struggling to reinvent itself in the 21st century. New product is on the way but it may not be enough, especially for the crowd that buys these vehicles. The brand’s cars, trucks and crossovers take an average of 102 days to sell. Only GMCs take longer.

At 6.79 years the average buyer keeps their Lincoln longer than the brand’s namesake president served in office.

Perhaps this troubled brand will meet the same fate as Honest Abe, martyred at the hand of a greater cause, in this case, One Ford.

  • Angel

    It’s a shame Volvo doesn’t get as much exposure in the States.  Don’t really care much about the other models but the XC60 is an amazing car to drive.