Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest

Nine Car Brands Americans Keep the Longest


Buick, along with GMC, is one of the surprising survivors of GM’s bankruptcy a few years ago. Even today the tri-shield’s sales are relatively small – it’s the General’s lowest-volume brand – but they are improving. Its sales were up nearly 15 percent last month.

As you’d expect, the average age of those buyers is way up there, clocking in at 59 years old. Only Lincoln customers are more senior. However, there is still hope. That figure is down from a nursing home-grade 62 back in 2007.

As for customer-retention, Buick keeps just 38 percent of its buyers. There’s plenty of room for improvement here.

  • Angel

    It’s a shame Volvo doesn’t get as much exposure in the States.  Don’t really care much about the other models but the XC60 is an amazing car to drive.