Saab Looking to Postpone EV, Relaunch 9-3 Next Year

Saab Looking to Postpone EV, Relaunch 9-3 Next Year

National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), the new rightful owners of Saab, might hasten its relaunch plans by resurrecting the 9-3 model in conventional gasoline form next year.

The brand originally wanted to relaunch Saab in 2014 with an electric car, but NEVS is mulling the possibility of starting production on a 9-3 model next summer in order to raise cash and maintain awareness of the brand. The Swedish automaker is still aiming to launch its electric vehicle offerings by 2014.

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The battery-powered 9-3 will be built on the Phoenix platform and manufactured in Saab’s factory in Sweden. Saab spokesman, Mikael Oestlund, confirmed that all future vehicles built using this technology will be branded as Saabs, but the company plans on designing a new logo for the brand.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Nsternb

    I am convinced there is a design/engineering hipness to SAAB (pre-GM) ..Cool for all the right reasons: similar to mindset that APPLE enjoyed and rode to its current heights. I would like to see APPLE partner with SAAB ($3B ) to create the definitive state ofvthe art vehicle complete w/breathalizer ignition control, solar panels et al, the works. iSAAB ? SAAB they might do well to keep their logo..with a bite mark? And go for gold by opening at least an earnest R /D dialogue of integrative tech possibilities .

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