Seven Diesels We Wish Existed

Seven Diesels We Wish Existed

MINI Cooper

BMW uses four diesel engines in its international 1 Series. Even the least powerful engine option from BMW’s lineup makes a stunning 190-lb-ft of torque. Imagine that in the hunkered down, small-wheelbase MINI Cooper, and MINI may have a fun to drive compact on its hands. There are even diesel models of the MINI sold overseas, which is even more of a tease. However, those diesels would be a little underpowered for North American buyers, which is why we’re looking to the new diesel engines from BMW.

As a compact, the MINI Cooper is made to save fuel. With a diesel powerplant, that objective can be accomplished easily. Pair that with MINI’s reputation for making a small car fun-to-drive, and a diesel powered MINI can be the next great thing.


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