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 |  Nov 23 2012, 5:27 PM

Carroll Shelby, the man behind the Shelby American name, passed away some months ago, but not without making sure his legacy was carried on. 

Before he passed, he told his business partner and the President of Shelby America, John Luft, to “keep Shelby American alive.” In an interview with Autoweek, Luft said, “so that’s exactly what we’re doing here now–we’re going to keep Shelby alive.”

Luft confirmed that new Shelby products will be unveiled at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show in January, the Chicago Auto Show in February, and the New York Auto Show in March, although exactly what these models will be was not revealed.

“In the past, Carroll was the guy in the limelight and we stayed in the shadows. Now it’s on us. We’re now the face of Shelby American. But we’ve got his playbook, and it’s a really good one. We’re going to make things keep happening here for another 50 years,” said Luft.

Luft mentioned the EcoBoost brand, and how a tie-up with Ford’s turbo engines may be in the cards for Shelby, but what specifically the brand is planning is still a mystery.

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