‘Smart’ Highways Reinvent the Wheel

‘Smart’ Highways Reinvent the Wheel

Highways in the Netherlands will be marginally safer thanks to some inventive thinking by a Dutch designer.

Branchild of Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde, the plan involves marking roads with differently-treated paint that will react differently according to outside conditions. For example, big snowflake graphics would appear on the roads during cold weather. Road outlines and lanes will also be redone with glow-in-the-dark paint to reduce the number of streetlights needed.

All that sounds great, and there are probably benefits, but it’s hard to look past the obvious problems with the plan which will take effect next year.

Roads are already often painted to be reflective, meaning anyone with their headlights turned on already benefit from a similar effect.

Paint designed to show when the pavement is cold enough for tires to lose grip, on the other hand, might actually be a very useful safety feature. While it wouldn’t do much once snow covers the roads, it could serve to offer an instant alert to drivers that it’s probably time to slow down and drive carefully.

[Source: Visual News]