Suzuki Car Sales to Continue in Canada

Suzuki Car Sales to Continue in Canada

While Suzuki’s automotive distribution arm has filed for bankruptcy in America, the company has announced that it will continue to sell cars in Canada. 

“Suzuki Canada, including its automotive division, remains fully open for business in Canada and will be honouring all customer commitments,” Bill Porter, Suzuki Canada’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing told The Globe and Mail.

Suzuki’s vehicles are better suited for the Canadian market according to Porter, where small vehicles do better because of costlier gasoline. Suzuki Canada is also rebounding right now, selling more than 500 vehicles for the last five months, representing a sales increase of one percent over the first ten months of the year. While it may not seem like much, Suzuki took a major hit last year, dropping 38 percent in Canadian sales.

Currently, Suzuki has about 60 dealers across Canada.

[Source: Globe and Mail]