Top 10 Cars Every Car Guy Needs to Know

Top 10 Cars Every Car Guy Needs to Know

1991 Acura NSX

The next car on our list is the Acura NSX. Introduced in the 1991 model year, it was Honda’s attempt to compete with some of the most respected exotics in the world. The company didn’t merely want to build a better mousetrap; it was gunning to change the rodent-extermination game entirely.

The problem with sports cars at the time was they could be temperamental, maintenance intensive and challenging to drive. Ferraris and Porsches could also be uncomfortable in daily use. Honda was known for building high-quality vehicles and it was taking a no-nonsense approach in creating its crown jewel.

The NSX was the result of a development program that began in 1984. It was a mid-engined, two-seat thrill machine weighing a whisker more than 3,000 pounds. Honda kept the weight down by turning to the periodic table of elements. Rather than conventional steel, the car’s structure and chassis were made out of aluminum, a first for a production vehicle.

Initially it was powered by a 3.0-liter V6 delivering 270 horsepower. It featured dual overhead cams, titanium connecting rods and the company’s VTEC system that varied the timing and lift of the engine’s valves to make more power while maintaining driveability. Today, practically every new vehicle sold features some kind of variable valve timing.

Drivers could choose between a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic, but honestly, who would do that? Honda called the car “groundbreaking” and “visceral,” and it still is, even today.

Upping the fun factor, in 1997 an enlarged 3.2-liter engine was fitted. It boosted the horsepower count by 20 for a total of 290.

Honda discontinued the NSX in 2005 but is currently working on a replacement.

  • be34st

    BTW, that is not a 1985 M5 pictured. The car pictured is actually not an M5 at all. It’s likely a 1991-1993 525i or 535i. Not having an M-Technik bumper gave it away. In 1985 The M5 was the E28 chasis, not the E34 chasis pictured. The E34 M5 (1991+) waas the best M5 ever btw.

  • James K

    Looks like they fixed the pic. Personally I’m a fan of the E39. The E60 was the worst.

  • Guest

    No Porsche 959?

  •  +1 for the e39, but the e34s and e28s are raw too. The E60 just seems like it’d be a pain to own.

  • James K

     Seriously. Or how about ANY Porsche?

  • top ten? It cant be done…..too many choices, because i disagree with em all except the Buick grand national

  • Jwebb

    Your list is pretty shit, No F1, E30 M3, any Porsche, Jag XK220 or even VW GTI? but you have a BUICK, GT40 & UR Quattro? Your Petrol Head status revoked.

  • spacecadetglow

     Not just any Buick, the GNX was the fastest production car in the US, quite an accomplishment.

  • Guest

    I dont fully agree with this article, however, some people need to look beyond their personal favorites. Look at what each of these cars did for autos as we know it…

  • Jameswill

    Seriously? You’re hating on the GNX. Dude. You’re stuuuuuuupid.

  • Kmr0102

    nor 911! ridiculous 

  • James K

     The XK220 as a pile of crap. Beautiful… but crap.

  • Leo Rando

     Smoke any stock car made…..6 cyl Ta boot……..

  • colin judd

    havea 2012 m bedmnz BN180 amnd it has terrible noisy fron wheel brakes wjhemn reversing it sounds like thefront end is falling out