Top 10 Cars Every Car Guy Needs to Know

Top 10 Cars Every Car Guy Needs to Know

1966 Ford GT40

Ford and Chevrolet are hated rivals but in the mid-1960s the Blue Oval had another enemy, one hailing from a different continent: Ferrari.

The story of the GT40 is one of triumph and heartache, or perhaps heartburn. To break into the European racing scene Henry Ford II tired to acquire Ferrari, but ultimately negotiations with Enzo fell through. In the process things had gotten personal.

Ford, the man, not the company, lusted after a Le Mans victory. To make this a reality he set out to build his own racecar capable of beating Ferrari in its own backyard. The Blue Oval developed and campaigned a revolutionary new vehicle in the form of the GT40.

The number in its name stands for a significant dimension of the vehicle. It has nothing to do with horsepower, acceleration or braking performance, rather how high it sits above the pavement. The original GTs were extremely low-slung, standing just 40 inches tall.

But what makes this car such a legend it what it achieved on the racetrack. With a little help from the late Carroll Shelby, and a rear-mounted 7.0-liter V8 engine, it accomplished the unthinkable.

In the summer of 1966 this American performance ambassador competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Not only did Ford win the celebrated endurance race, it swept the podium with a 1-2-3 finish. The GT40 also carried the company to victory in ’67, ’68 and ’69.

  • be34st

    BTW, that is not a 1985 M5 pictured. The car pictured is actually not an M5 at all. It’s likely a 1991-1993 525i or 535i. Not having an M-Technik bumper gave it away. In 1985 The M5 was the E28 chasis, not the E34 chasis pictured. The E34 M5 (1991+) waas the best M5 ever btw.

  • James K

    Looks like they fixed the pic. Personally I’m a fan of the E39. The E60 was the worst.

  • Guest

    No Porsche 959?

  •  +1 for the e39, but the e34s and e28s are raw too. The E60 just seems like it’d be a pain to own.

  • James K

     Seriously. Or how about ANY Porsche?

  • top ten? It cant be done…..too many choices, because i disagree with em all except the Buick grand national

  • Jwebb

    Your list is pretty shit, No F1, E30 M3, any Porsche, Jag XK220 or even VW GTI? but you have a BUICK, GT40 & UR Quattro? Your Petrol Head status revoked.

  • spacecadetglow

     Not just any Buick, the GNX was the fastest production car in the US, quite an accomplishment.

  • Guest

    I dont fully agree with this article, however, some people need to look beyond their personal favorites. Look at what each of these cars did for autos as we know it…

  • Jameswill

    Seriously? You’re hating on the GNX. Dude. You’re stuuuuuuupid.

  • Kmr0102

    nor 911! ridiculous 

  • James K

     The XK220 as a pile of crap. Beautiful… but crap.

  • Leo Rando

     Smoke any stock car made…..6 cyl Ta boot……..

  • colin judd

    havea 2012 m bedmnz BN180 amnd it has terrible noisy fron wheel brakes wjhemn reversing it sounds like thefront end is falling out