Top 10 Cars with the Best Resale Value

Top 10 Cars with the Best Resale Value

2. 2013 Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma’s placement on this list should come as no surprise to anyone following the compact pickup storyline. With so few compact pickups on the market, the Tacoma is sitting on-top in terms of value and capability. Available under $20,000 the Tacoma is a popular vehicle for those looking for a work-friendly truck as well as typical Toyota reliability. After 36 months, the Toyota Tacoma  is still worth 70.3 percent and 57 percent after 60 months.

  • Where is the MINI Cooper? They have ridiculous resale value.

  • James K

    Do they? I thought they pretty much self-destructed as soon as you drove them off the lot. BRUTAL reliability.

  • Not according to Consumer Reports, I’ve personally never owned one, but I know they have high ratings for reliability. They do have crazy resale value though as I’ve seen some of the early ones from 2002-2003 with over 100,000 miles that are still around $10,000-$12,000

  • Irishluckily

    Um no, they are NOTORIOUS for repairs. You might see a lot for 15-22k but that’s because people don’t want to own a car that breaks before 40k miles. I know 3 people who had that issue and they were the 3 people who owned one..

  • People who didn’t take care of their cars obviously…They have excellent reliability..

  • Thefourniers

    That is puzzling? I don’t see how any Toyota truck can hold
    its value. Most of them have been recalled for major rust problems. Toyota was
    buying back the Tacoma and sending them straight to the crusher for a while.
    Google Toyota frame recall and I guarantee you won’t want to buy a used Toyota
    truck or 4 runner.  

  • Reader

    How can 2013 models be rated for resale value? did the author went time-traveled and came back? Such reports should be based on actual facts and not based on somebody’s imagination.

  • since 2009 there have bee over 20 million recalls on Toyota  and you call them best resale?   GET A GRIP  WHO IS PAYING YOU OFF?

  • Kellybrio

    I guess Toyota paid for these reviews

  • Winnie the Pooh

    I’ll stick to the BMW Z4. Toyota’s quality has gone down.

  • Mnicoop


  • Bmoc

    2013 vehicles have resale numbers because that metrics is part of the buy/llease financing formula. Dumbass.

  • Nitro

     You called someone a ‘Dubass’.  Thanks for getting that off your chest.  You’ve just said a whole lot about yourself that was never asked for. This column is about the 10 best rated auto’s for resale value.  Could you please expound more on what you actually meant by your wording….”because that metrics is part”….

  • Robert McMahon

    They may hold their value, but the SUVs and pickups are gas-hogs and boring.
     I do like the Civic, but prefer the Accord.

  • SMCIII48

    i own a 2006 tc and it is great! most of the recalls have been on floor mats.

  • Scott

    Actually no, there have been 1 or 2 recalls which probably affected 20 million cars. Every manufacturer has recalls. Toyotas most recent recall has involved the gas pedal, which created a dangerous situation, which is why it has garnered such attention and scrutiny. Toyota/Lexus should still be at the top of the list for reliability and quality.

  • Ben

    “Toyota’s quality has gone down” that’s why 6 of the top 10 cars are Toyota owned companies. You dumbass.

  • DD

    The mini cooper is in class action law suits is where it is. They use thin glass to get better gas mileage which resulted in class action suits. I know I had broken windshields and broken back side glass on a clubman. I only owned the car 2 yrs. the dealer Sandy Sansing in Pensacola FL knew of the class action law suits but wouldnt assist me in replacing my windows, bad business….

  • Jiholt

    I heard the jeep wranglers have a lot of re calls