Top 10 Custom Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Cars: 2012 SEMA Show

Top 10 Custom Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Cars: 2012 SEMA Show

1. Whiteline Subaru BRZ

It’s a rather tough decision to really say one of the custom FR-Ses or BRZs at the show is better than all the rest, but if we had to pick one, we would go with this Subaru BRZ in the Whiteline booth. Why? After seeing dozens and dozens of modified 86s sporting carbon fiber lip kits or Rocket Bunny widebody kits, it was entirely refreshing to see a body kit that no one else had within the convention center’s walls. Sporting an INGS+1 body kit, it may be too aggressive for some, but at least it’s not a widebody like the Rocket Bunny kit. The SSR wheels fit the BRZ just right, while the huge collection of Whiteline suspension products means the BRZ may even handle better than stock. The Seibon carbon fiber pieces was a nice contrast to the bright, reddish-pink exterior.

  • Rob

    The widebody on Daniel Song’s FR-S GT is not the Rocket Bunny kit. Song’s kit is a completely custom widebody designed by JONSIBAL. This error is found on slides 6 and 8.

  • Jason Siu

    Thank you! That was our mistake.  

  • John Lock

    This Subaru is great. How about engine power?


  • reemo

    Vortech Superchargers Scion FR-S without a doubt should have been number one instead of ninth!

  • mitch c

    Drop the FORD 3.5L Eco-Boost engine tuned to about 400BHP in this thing and you would have one Bad Ass corner carving and straight line speed demon on your hands!!! Want to go drag racing? How about the Cobra Jet Engine Under the hood?!?!!!