Top 10 Most Important Cars of All Time

Top 10 Most Important Cars of All Time

Ford Model T

No list of important vehicles is complete without the Ford Model T. Thanks to ruthless cost cutting and the moving assembly line more than 15 million of them were produced between 1908 and 1927. As the first truly affordable car, Henry’s Tin Lizzie literally put the world on wooden-spoke wheels.

With a 20 horsepower four-cylinder engine under its louvered hood the car was capable of a top speed of about 45 miles an hour. That’s laughably slow by today’s standards but at the time it was more than adequate. At their smoothest the dirt roads of the day were as furrowed as a plowed field.

The Ford Model T, also called the “universal car,” was simple and reliable. It was designed to be operated and maintained by farmers living in rural areas. As such it allowed them to travel to place they had never seen before.

Not only did the car forever change the way people got around it transformed the landscape of America. Highways, gas stations, garages and roadside lodging were built to serve the needs of the burgeoning motorist class.

At its introduction the Model T was priced at $850, but Henry Ford continually simplified the manufacturing process and passed the saving on to his customers. By the time it went out of production 19 years later the car sold for as little as $260. How’s that for value?

  • The Veyron was included as one of the 10 most important cars? I don’t understand that. It is such a limited production vehicle, and the technologies used in it are nowhere near usable on any other vehicle. If you want an important sports car that has had significant influence on the cars of today, how about the Lamborghini Muira, the first mid-engined volume production car? Its influence can be seen in cars from any number of manufacturers from Ferrari (many), Audi (R8), Pontiac (Fiero), Ford (Pantera and GT40), almost all Lamborghinis since the Muira), Maserati (Bora and Merak), and on and on. The Veyron itself uses the same layout.


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    How can the title have the most obvious of spelling errors. Importat?  Tsk. Tsk.

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    “The Bugatti Veyron is none of this…”
    Yeah, and it’s damn ugly, too.

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    Most disappointing list ever.

  • prius04

    The $250 price you quote for the Model T has no context.   In 1927 the average weekly wage was $30 a week or so.  Thus it took about 8 weeks to afford the car.  Today the average weekly wage is about $800 so after 8 weeks you would have about $6500.  This shows it would still be quite cheap but you would have better context.

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    Worst list of anything that Ive ever seen ever. die. die slowly.

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    How did the Volvo 240 “brick” not make this list??

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    To add to the Airflow’s importance, the first car Toyota ever made was basically a copy of the Chrysler: the Toyota AA.

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    You’re kidding me, where is the Citroen DS on this list?