Top 10 Most Reliable American Cars List Dominated by GM: Consumer Reports

Top 10 Most Reliable American Cars List Dominated by GM: Consumer Reports

In the battle of the ‘big three’, General Motors is proving to have the most reliable vehicles.

In Consumer Reports‘ latest predicted reliability results from its annual Auto Survey, the most reliable American-made cars were ranked in 10 different segments, with General Motors’ vehicles taking top honors in seven segments.

Chevrolet was represented in multiple categories, with its Sonic model being ranked as America’s most reliable small car. The Volt was the winner in the fuel-efficient hatchbacks category, while the Traverse gets the nod in the large SUV class. In the midsized SUVs segment, the Chevrolet Equinox was ranked most reliable (along with the GMC Terrain), and the Chevrolet Avalanche is considered the most reliable truck made in America.

In the luxury SUV class, the Buick Enclave was ranked most reliable, while the Cadillac CTS scored big for the compact sport sedan class. Representing Chrysler was its 300 model in the upscale cars category, and Ford had its sole winner in the sporty cars category with its Mustang V6.

“We’re often asked how the domestics’ reliability stacks up, especially with some people wanting to specifically buy American,” Consumer Reports said in a statement. “The results show that there are some very reliable U.S.-branded models, but they also remind of potential risks with buying first-year models.”

Watch a video below from Consumer Reports on the most reliable American cars.

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  • Dagama

    American cars …. What happened to all the so called “imports” that are more American than the “American” cars that are called the big 3. Toyota builds most of it’s cars in North America and as such, shouldn’t we start referring to them as the big 4? I guess if Toyota was on this list, no GM’s would end up of the list.

  • Its the big 2 not 3. The CEO of Chrysler is Italian , its now foreign junk and always has been.

  • Average Joe

    Hilarious, A new, “American Only” category has to be created so that American cars can complete and win… something, quite sad..

  • Hayes61455

    Very funny; maybe you want to do an article ranking the efficiency of various automatic weapons.

  • Based God

    Fuck Toyota. And their shitty accelerator problems.

  • Rich hoe

    I can gurantee 2 things foreign shit would be best at: Killing people and being ugly.

  • nondimwit

    Safest car: Volvo. Most reliable: Scion. Get your head out of your ass, America 2013 is not America 1955.

  • disgusted

    You people are so ignorant and UN-AMERICAN! Where do you think all the money goes when someone buys an import? Not to America. How about showing some American pride and actually supporting American companies. Whats sad is how people from other countries stand by thier own kind, while the so-called American’s clamor for imported goods. We are already almost a country of consumers. Might as well seal our fate completely. Way to go “America”

  • we are ignorant?

    if america put embargo’s on everything and we lived off of what we got in america alone, then we would be worse off than we are now. cars are no different. america, as does every other country, needs imported items to survive, you people are some of the most ignorant and absent-minded groups out there. look at the jd powers list of what cars are ranked as most reliable and most satisfactory. they arent all american made. and believe it or not, america does make a percentage off of every foreign car it sells

  • stan

    60% of a Honda is American parts!

  • Malav

    Fuck gm and there ingnition switches

  • Christian Cerna

    America can survive on its own. Just look at how it used to be in the 1950’s-1970’s. Practically everything was made here. It was only in the past few decades that manufacturing moved overseas. And only because of greed. Corporations trying to squeeze out every penny so that they can please their shareholders.

  • Christian Cerna

    I can guarantee you that a Chevy will be more reliable than a BMW or Mercedez.

  • Christian Cerna

    You obviously didn’t watch the video. The top most reliable cars were the Toyota Prius and the Cadillac CTS.