Toyota Breaks 1 M Hybrid Sale Mark in 10 Months

Toyota Breaks 1 M Hybrid Sale Mark in 10 Months

Toyota was proud to announce that it had reached global sales of 4.6-million hybrid vehicles, with 1.02-million hybrids sold this year alone up to October 31, 2012.

It’s an impressive number considering the first hybrid from Toyota hit the market in 1997. Of course, the Prius laid the foundation for Toyota’s increasing hybrid sales with the first-generation Prius hitting the market in 2000. It really wasn’t until 2003, when the second-generation Prius came out, that hybrid sales really took off for the Japanese automaker. And of course, the current Prius model which debuted in 2009, has been a huge success, spawning off the Prius v and Prius c models.

Since 1997, Toyota has expanded its hybrid offerings to cover minivans, SUVs, rear-wheel drive sedans, and even compact hatchbacks. The automaker eclipsed the four million mark at the end of April this year. As of the end of October 2012, Toyota has 19 hybrid vehicle models available, and one plug-in hybrid. The automaker hopes to launch 21 new hybrid models by the end of 2015.

Toyota estimates that its hybrid vehicles have saved around 3-million gallons of gasoline worldwide.


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