Toyota Testing Car-to-Car Communication at Japan Facility

Toyota Testing Car-to-Car Communication at Japan Facility

Vehicles that can communicate with their surroundings seem to be the future of autonomous driving. 

Several automakers are looking into the technology, and now Toyota is joining the ranks having just opened up a new facility in Japan being used to test car-to-car communication. Testing is being done on cars that can communicate with the surrounding infrastructure such as roads and traffic lights, and cars that can communicate with each other.

This should help prevent accidents caused by running red lights, not checking blind spots, and not obeying the rules of the road.

When a collision is sensed, the car will alert the driver in a variety of ways. If a pedestrian is sensed, the car will begin beeping as well as display a picture of a crossing pedestrian on the drivers info screen. If the car gets close to a red light while still at speed, a voice will say, “it’s a red light,” alerting the driver of the coming danger.

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An auto-braking system is also in the works at Toyota, which will help to operate the brakes when a collision is sensed, as Toyota officials said that many times rear-end collisions could be avoided if drivers simply braked harder.

The technology will begin testing on real public roads sometime in 2014, and Toyota officials said we can expect it to debut in Lexus models, although no time frame was given for when the debut will happen.

[Source: Detroit News]