Volkswagen Beetle ‘Herbie’ Tribute Car Heading to Spain

Volkswagen Beetle ‘Herbie’ Tribute Car Heading to Spain

A special edition Volkswagen Beetle is heading to Spain, paying tribute to “Herbie, ” the anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle.

To bring Herbie to reality, the German automaker gave its Beetle a white paint job with red and blue racing stripes down the body and the doors. The number 53 is seen on the hood, the iconic symbol for the famous Herbie Beetle. Other features include Park Pilot parking assist sensor and 17-inch wheels.

The special edition 53 Beetle will be available with four different powerplants out in Spain, ranging from the 1.2-liter TSI to the 2.0-liter TDI. Pricing starts at around $28,400 (€22,090).

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