2013 Ford Fusion Rear-End Cheaper to Repair

2013 Ford Fusion Rear-End Cheaper to Repair

Ask any girl in a nightclub and you’ll probably get the same answer — being unexpectedly bumped from behind can be a bummer. It’s the same with cars, but Ford is trying to make things easier with the new Fusion.

How, you might ask? In a word: pragmatism. Ford built its new Aston-esque sedan so that the rear bumper cover and panel assembly on the rear decklid is $267 less expensive to replace than the outgoing model. Ford first offered this design on the European market 2007 Mondero. An integration panel is mounted to the rear face of the Fusion decklid and is designed to absorb the brunt of low-speed damage common during city parking.

“Our analysis shows approximately 19 percent of Fusion collisions involve a rear impact,” said Ford engineer Larry Coan. “The new decklid integration panel should reduce repair costs in low-speed rear-end collisions by about 13 percent compared to the 2012 Fusion. This should deliver real savings to drivers in densely populated markets where parking can be a challenge.”

 Apart from being less expensive for consumers, Ford also said the reduced costs has the potential to reduce insurance rates on the new Fusion.

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