2013 Honda Civic Commercial Released – Video

2013 Honda Civic Commercial Released – Video

Honda made an unprecedented move this year, refreshing its popular Civic model a year after giving it a redesign. 

Though the Japanese automaker won’t come out and simply state that it could have done a better job with the Civic, its actions have proved louder than words. The 2013 Honda Civic makes notable improvements over its 2012 model year and one thing the quick refresh proved is that the automaker is indeed listening to its critics.

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In a new commercial promoting the 2013 Civic, Honda shows off a few inventions that have made everyone’s life easier – from collapsing strollers to illuminated keyboards for tablets – and proves that the Civic too, can always be better.

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  • kate2013

    what’s the name of the background song in this commercial?

  • Larry

    Disparate Youth by Santigold.

  • jay

    what is the red flying thing above the trees about a third of the way in?

  • R1chw1nn1ng

    its a winged jumpsuit with a smoke “bomb” attached to his/her foot like seen in Transformers 3 or Black Ops 2.

  • gabrielle84

    when was this commercial first released on television?

  • Jbettar


  • Michael

    What’s the Hovercraft with duel fans? Like to know how it’s steered. 

  • 00:09 What is that floating cube thing called?

  • R1chw1nn1ng

    It’s a prototype by the Aerofex Corporation

  • Chaseface

    What is the Cell Phone with the projection keyboard?