2013 Jaguar XF Recalled for Possible Stalling Issue

2013 Jaguar XF Recalled for Possible Stalling Issue

Jaguar is recalling 13 of its 2013 model year XF cars because of a potential problem with the fuel pump.

The pump can fail in affected cars, causing the engine to stall. Of course, Jaguar will carry out the repairs through its dealer network at no cost to the owners.

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This is the second recall recently announced for the XF, although the previous issue affected cars from the 2010 and 2011 model years. That recall was concerned with the outlet flange on the fuel tank becoming dry and cracked, allowing for a leak and possibly a fire.

In both cases, owners with questions can call the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s safety hotline at (888) 327-4236 for more information.

  • Kathy Mcclaine

    I purchased the 2013 Jaguar, June 4, 2013 and within a week started having problems. The vents openings and closing when they want, dealership didn’t do anything until one of the vent motors finally went out. Second, car shutting completely off own its own when parking, keyless entry works when it likes, fog or moisture from within the vehicle. The newest issue the call stalled in the middle of traffic. I haven’t been able to enjoy the car and its more of a nuisance. After 3 months I took it to trade it in only its depreciated so much I’m stuck.



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