2014 Chevrolet Camaro Won’t Get a Twin-Turbo V6, Nor Will Any Chevy

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Won’t Get a Twin-Turbo V6, Nor Will Any Chevy

A leaked a General Motors dealer VIN card has confirmed that the General is planning to produce a new LF3 twin-turbo V6 engine, though contrary to past reports, it will not be making it into the Camaro. In fact, GM has confirmed it won’t wind up under the hood of any Chevrolet product.

There are “no plans to use that engine in any Chevrolet at this point,” said Michael Albano, director of Chevrolet communications. So with the Camaro ruled out, the next likely vehicle for the twin-turbo V6 is a Cadillac.

When asked about the possibility of a twin-turbo Caddy, David Caldwell, manager of Cadillac communications said, “[I] can’t really offer any kind of significant comment on that.┬áNothing happening imminently there, though.”

That leaves open the possibility for GM’s luxury brand to use the engine, though it seems like it may still be a ways off. In different states of tune, the new LF3 could power the next generation CTS, though a high-output version is also a key candidate for a performance-oriented ATS-V.

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  • Aimless Amus

    I’m sort of sad that Chevrolet isn’t doing a turbo six. It would be the chance to finally beat Ford at its own game by getting the jump on an inevitable EcoBoost powered Mustang. Oh well. I guess GM still has thumbs firmly planted in ass…