2014 Corvette Leaked, Rear End Revealed

2014 Corvette Leaked, Rear End Revealed

New images of the upcoming 2014 Chevrolet Corvette have hit the the web today, showing off the rear end of the car in detail, as well as some of the interior bits. 

The images surfaced on a forum, and are allegedly from a user’s guide for the car. The member who posted the photos cannot vouch for their authenticity, but the images do seem to match up to what we have seen of the car so far from other leaks.

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The photos reveal the quad tailpipe setup of the car, as well as the interesting new taillight design. A shot from the rear of the car with the trunk open reveals what might be a small back seat, though it is hard to tell for sure.

The forum member who posted the shots suggests that the car will come with active engine sound management, with different settings such as auto, stealth, city, tour, sport, track or off. They also suggest that manual transmission equipped Corvette’s will have an active rev matching function, though these claims cannot be confirmed. Finally, the forum suggests that a performance data recorder will also be included on the Corvette that can capture video, audio and vehicle data, and can be accessed on an SD card.

Shots of the interior give away a few secrets as well. There are center mounted buttons for heated and cooled seats as expected, along with steering wheel mounted controls for the stereo, Bluetooth phone, info cluster controls and cruise control along with paddle shifters. Another close up image of the info screen tells us that there will be a track telematics system in the car, that will deliver information to the driver on a digital screen found beside the tachometer. It will show information like lap times, a small GPS map of the track with the car’s position, G forces, gear selection, and 0-60 times.

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The looks of the car are still mostly a mystery, but we have already seen the heart of the new Vette, a 6.2-liter small block LT1 V8 making more than 450 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque.

The new Corvette will be officially unveiled one day before the 2013 Detroit Auto Show media days begin, on January 13, 2013.

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[Source: Corvette Forum]

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  • Anomirc6

    If that is really the rear end, I will not be buying one.  The corvette should not borrow from the camaro design.  The camaro is ugly and is the lesser car not the marque.  If GM has approved this design, they have FAILED the Corvette fans.

  • Unmöglich, wo sind die runden Heckleuchten, da bleibe ich bei meiner C6.

  • reagan

    Hating the rear end!

  • As wrong as i might sound, I think the new Corvette would be a competitor to cars like the Porsche Cayman.  I know auto mags like to treat the corvette as a race car and nothing more, but what will be a better daily driver? a base corvette or a base Cayman. Drastically different approaches but still both cars for young men with money(but not too much money).  Honestly first picture I looked at was the trunk. Would this car be livable as an ONLY car? 

    If I had 50-60 grand to spend on a vehicle it sure as heck wouldn’t be a luxury sedan, it’d be something like this.

  • Way too busy in the tail and too similar to the current lousy interior inside….WHAT were they thinking after all the MegaHype!!!?????…..This is nothing more than a Concept Camaro at best. 

  • Pchizz

    amen to your comments the same go for me. I already have the money to buy one, but if they have things such as the tail lights the same as the camaro I will not be buying until they go back to the corvette design. I have had a 97,01, and 08, sure hate to stop now. oh well looks like I could be looking at a bmw.

  • Corey Richardson

    To all those posting not so flattering comments about the new ‘Vette, I’ve learned that cars look totally different when seen it person vs. in pictures. 

    I’ve seen the Lamborghini Gallardo in pictures on the net a million times, and thought it looked simple and plain but when I saw it in person, it looked like God himself made it!

  • Dameonbrown Db

    I just purchased my first Vette 12 Convertible and I will be buying a 14 to start my collection!!!!

  • Desertwind

    how sad we wont be getting round tail lights
    leaked rear end is kitsch

  • alibaba

    Totally agree! Disappointing  🙁        

  • Das ist wahr !!