Acura ILX to Keep Base Engine, NSX to Cost More Than GT-R

Acura ILX to Keep Base Engine, NSX to Cost More Than GT-R

Rumors of Acura dropping the base 2.0-liter engine from its lineup have been debunked, as the Japanese automaker spoke out on the speculation revolving its newest sedan.

The 150-hp, base 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will remain in the ILX’s lineup according to Acura spokesman Carter Jung, who noted that it was “pure speculation” that the engine would be dropped. Jung also elaborated that the ILX’s sales outpaced both the TL and TSX last month and it was the best-performing sedan in the Japanese automaker’s lineup for November.

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A total of 2,108 ILX models sold in November, compared to the TL which sold 1,918 units and the TSX at 1,768 vehicles. Honda spokesman Chris Martin on the other hand, mentioned that despite the automaker being in no position to announce pricing on its upcoming NSX model, he did state that it will likely be higher than the Nissan GT-R – so at least the $100,000 territory.

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