Agero to Unveil New Cloud Delivery Platform: AgeroView

Agero to Unveil New Cloud Delivery Platform: AgeroView

Agero has announced that it will unveil its newest cloud delivery platform, called AgeroView, at the upcoming Consumer Telematics Show which kicks off on January 7, 2013.

The focus of the company’s keynote will be on “delivering ever-changing content and driver interfaces within connected vehicles,” according to a statement from Agero. AgeroView is expected to be an industry-leading cloud delivery platform that will be able to coordinate with personal devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as updating applications and services over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Frank Hirschenberger, Agero’s senior director of innovation, will deliver the keynote for the company showing a world where the content and user interface in vehicles can be changed and updated as easily as a website on the internet. The goal of AgeroView will be to deliver rich content and services efficiently through to cloud to vehicle infotainment systems.


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