Apple Maps App Getting Drivers Lost in Australian Desert

Apple Maps App Getting Drivers Lost in Australian Desert

The plight of Apple’s new Maps app continues to get worse and worse, as the Australian police are warning drivers to be careful when using it as a source for navigation.

Recently, the police in Mildura, Australia, have been finding drivers stranded in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park, where there isn’t a water supply and temperatures can reach a scorching 115-degrees Fahrenheit. Some motorists found have been stranded for up to 24 hours and wandered around for hours looking for cell phone reception in order to call for help.

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Apparently, Apple’s Maps is pinpointing Mildura almost 43 miles away from its actual location. Tests conducted by the police in Australia confirm that the app is indeed leading drivers to the desert where cell reception is lacking. For now, officials are advising visitors and drivers within the state of Victoria to avoid using Apple’s newest navigation tech for fear of being lead astray.

  • Racer63

    Nothing is better than a map on paper. Just stop a couple of minutes and find your directions instead of being fooled by a stupid machine.