Audi Diesel-Hybrid Supercar Championed by R&D Boss

Audi Diesel-Hybrid Supercar Championed by R&D Boss

Playing catch up to some of its biggest rivals, Audi may be planning a supercar that could be on the road by 2017. 

Wolfgang Dürheimer, Audi’s research and development chief, wants a street legal Le Mans race car to help promote the brand, as of right now, Audi lacks a true halo car. It will be a Le Mans car first and a road car second, as the race car will inspire the road car, and not the other way around. While the brand currently has the R18 race car (shown above) as a Le Mans competitor, Audi wants to transfer its race knowledge to a street legal car.

Under the hood, the diesel-hybrid powertrain sourced from the current R18 Le Mans car is expected with an output of around 550 hp. There will also be two 75 hp electric motors that drive the front wheels, torque vectoring, on-demand boost effect and some zero-emissions capability.

One of the problems with designing the road car after the race car is design, as all Le Mans cars look close to being the same. To make sure the R20 stands apart, Audi is apparently going to fit it with a full-length tail fin sourced from the R18 LeMans racer, a smaller single-frame grille, stacked LED taillights, an adjustable tail spoiler, and gull wing doors.

On the inside, the R20 is expected to get active-contour seats with integrated four-point belts, a multi-functional large center display screen instead of conventional instruments and an around view camera system that will render conventional door mirrors as pointless.

[Source: Automobile]

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