Bentley Motorsports Plans Include Spec Series for Gentlemen Drivers

Bentley Motorsports Plans Include Spec Series for Gentlemen Drivers

Much in the same way that Ferrari has its Challenge series and Lamborghini offers the Super Trofeo events, Bentley is looking to launch an exclusive racing program on the heels of the debut of its Continental GT3 race car.

Announced at the vehicle’s world premiere at the Paris Motor Show last month, Bentley aims to compete with the behemoth track machine professionally.

Plans for the vehicle don’t stop there, however, with Kevin Rose, Board Member for Sales and Marketing at Bentley revealing to AutoGuide details to offer a similar car to customers, racing enthusiasts and dealers. “Our dealers are by definition car nuts,” he says.

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There’s a wider scope than just professional racing, outlines Rose, commenting that the three qualifications the company highlighted in order to make a success of getting back into motorsports is that first, the car had to look like the road cars; second, it had to be a global event; and third, that it had to involve both customers and dealers.

That said, while Bentley engineers the pro-level GT3 car, it is also planning on developing a “turn-key” race car for gentlemen racers. “We want to make it as easy as possible,” says Rose.

As for the global side of things, Bentley intends to have the series run in Europe, North America and Asia – most likely China, where Rose says sports car racing resonates with customers. Trials are expected to being next year, and Bentley is ready to commit.

From its pro racing program to a gentlemen’s series, to even offering up race cars to privateer teams, “We’re looking at it as long term,” he says.