BMW M6 Gran Coupe Photos Leaked

BMW M6 Gran Coupe Photos Leaked

Think of it as the BMW M5’s sexier younger sister, the M6 Gran Coupe has arrived.

While official teaser photos released several weeks back left little to the imagination, these are the first full pictures of the ultra-powerful 6 Series Gran Coupe model.

Based on BMW’s Mercedes CLS rival, the M-ified version of the car gains more aggressive body work, plus an upgraded suspension and the usual M modes, while the obvious upgrade is under the hood where a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine has been tuned to deliver 560 hp.

Official details are expected soon and BMW may reveal the car at the Detroit Auto Show in January along side the new 4 Series coupe.

GALLERY: BMW M6 Gran Coupe


  • lolCatsRmyFav

    normally I think the gran coupe stuff makes lindsay lohan look like a series of sound choices, but this is actually OK in my book.