Chevrolet Malibu Getting Early Refresh : CEO

Chevrolet Malibu Getting Early Refresh : CEO

General Motors is working hard to give its Chevrolet Malibu a refresh by late next year, despite it being only 18 months since the sedan got redesigned.

According to CEO Dan Akerson, in an interview with Automotive News, the Malibu will get a “midcycle enhancement, not dramatic, by this time next year.” Changes will include a new front bumper, but Akerson didn’t go deep into the details.

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The redesigned Malibu hasn’t been a hit at the dealerships and its sales have caused GM to take a page out of Honda’s book with a quick redesign. Honda recently made an unprecedented move by updating its Civic model, a quick one year after it had been released.

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“I think it’s a good car. It’ll do OK,” Akerson said. “It is a tough segment and it’s one we need to be successful in. We’ll see how it plays out.”

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Chev-ota

    Uh oh. That was quick. To me, they should “design out” the Camaro styling cues (guages, tail lights and trunk) and just make everything flow like the 2008 Malibu did. I’m within 15 minutes of 2 Chevy dealerships here, and I have only seen a few new Malibus on the roads so far. The new Fusion I hear is having problems too.  So much for domestics scaring the competition. Meanwhile Toyota and Honda are selling tons of their midsize models (who would have guessed), which only makes the all-new Malibu look all that much more of a let down. What was the reasoning for the shortened the wheelbase anyway?  Maybe they could just upgrade the 2012 Malibu’s interior and call it the new and improved and refreshed 2013 Malibu. I’d buy one, but only with a V6. Oh well.

  • paul

    they should get rid of akerson. it will do ok ? what a mis-step