Chevrolet SS a “Four Door Corvette” Says GM President

Chevrolet SS a “Four Door Corvette” Says GM President

The Chevrolet SS sedan will be heading to dealerships next year, and General Motors North America President Mark Reuss has high expectations for it.

According to Reuss, the Chevy SS is “a four door Corvette”, and the American automaker will produce as many as it will sell. Chevy has no plans of setting a production volume for the new SS but did state that it’ll be relatively low-volume, possibly between 10,000 to 15,000 units a year. But of course if the demand for the high-performance sedan is there, the automaker will have no problem fulfilling those expectations.

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The Chevy SS will be manufactured in Australia and will be based on the Holden Commodore. At the end of the day though, the SS will be a halo for Chevrolet and the American automaker is importing it so that it can go racing.

“We’re thinking about the Chevrolet showroom,” Reuss said. “We have no sedan that is a high-performance sedan. That’s the void that the SS fills. We’re not going to rank order of performance by model or any of that stuff. The Corvette will naturally always be the fastest high-performance thing we do. When you start laddering performance, it’s a very dangerous game.”

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  • B-rand

    If GM places their 6MT in this vehicle I am a buyer! Please GM, we need a 6MT V8 sedan! Long live the clutch pedal!!!

  • Jdr000333

    Should have bought a Pontiac G8 GXP they came with the 6MT.

  • Jdr000333

    Should have bought a Pontiac G8 GXP they came with a 6MT LS3.

  • Ed

    And for anyone interested in a 4 cylinder forced induction/turbo RWD sedan near 300 hp 6 to 8 gears and n. of 30mpg, w/a similar lighter frame/body as an option? I’ll guarantee if this SS had those options it would attract more buyers than this gas guzzling, fire breathing, 1/4 mile grocery getter.

    Does anyone at GM care what America wants other than trucks w/archaic 4 speed transmissions or are they still to busy following Japan and Germany w/their front wheel drives? Gasoline will go to $5 just a matter of when?