Chevrolet Volt One Month Return Policy in Europe

Chevrolet Volt One Month Return Policy in Europe

Inflatable Gorillas and free hot dogs aren’t enough of a gimmick to get Europeans in to buy cars, but a 30-day return policy might be.

That’s what General Motors’ European arm Vauxhall is hoping. Customers can buy a Vauxhall Ampera, the same as our Chevrolet Volt, and return it after 30 days if they’re unsatisfied. Of course, there are a few provisos. The car can’t have exceeded 1,500 miles, and the owner will be responsible for repairing any damage.

Apart from that, it’s a 30-day trial period for the plug-in hybrid car that is proving to be more successful successful in the U.S. than pure EVs.

Just think: if that were the case in the U.S., the Volt could stand to replace puppies and kittens as the most irresponsible Christmas presents of 2012.

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[Source: The Truth About Cars]