Chevrolet Volt Sales Dip in November

Chevrolet Volt Sales Dip in November

Chevrolet’s answer to the electric car problem, the Volt, faltered in sales last month, dropping to roughly half the volume seen in September and October. 

It’s an issue GM executive Don Johnson downplayed during a conference call, saying last month’s shortcomings were because of supply problems and not poor demand. In fact, he said dealers are clamoring for increased supply. On top of that, November sales year over year actually rose 33 percent.

Still, it’s hard to see that as positive, especially in the long term when Chevrolet is facing a growing army of competing cars. There weren’t many viable alternatives when the Volt went on sale in 2011, but that didn’t last long. Other automakers were quick to offer plug-in hybrids and now customers can pick cars like the Prius Plug-In or the Ford C-Max Energi.

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Chevrolet aimed to have sold 45,000 Volts by the end of the year, which means actual sales will ring in somewhere around half the brand’s target. Once again, that’s a gain over 2011. Chevrolet has also dealt with shutting down the plant where it builds the Volt twice this year, hampering production.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]