‘Chevy Runs Deep’ Slogan May be Axed

‘Chevy Runs Deep’ Slogan May be Axed

In 2010, Chevrolet debuted its new marketing slogan “Chevy Runs Deep,” and it hasn’t been as well-received as the American automaker would have liked.

The marketing slogan’s fate will be determined in the first quarter of next year according to Chris Perry, marketing vice president for Chevrolet. As General Motors continues to transform Chevy into a global brand, the American automaker is actively evaluating the campaign alongside its advertising agency, Commonwealth.

Alternatives are being considered, though no final decision has been made yet by General Motors. Experts believe that the automaker will turns towards a new direction in order to strengthen the brand worldwide.

Next year, Chevy is expected to introduce 13 all-new, redesigned, or refreshed models in its lineup, including the Silverado pickup and Impala sedan. GM did recently shift the marketing campaign of its Silverado launch from Commonwealth to longtime partner Leo Burnett.

It’s also worth noting that Commonwealth was created in early 2012 by former GM marketing head Joel Ewanick, who is now with Fisker Automotive.

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

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  • James311

    Good. I hope they get rid of it. Chevrolet hasn’t had a decent slogan since the American Revolution campaign. Here’s to hoping they wake up a little and stop stinking up the joint with their bad marketing and garbage cars.

  • and you are a bullsh*t because Chevrolet of the Philippines has the “Love This Chevy” slogan, which is much better than “Chevy Runs Deep” and according to Top Gear Philippines that Chevrolet Vehicles are designed, built and tested for everyday heroes.