Coda EV Nets Just Two Stars on Frontal Crash Test – Videos

Coda EV Nets Just Two Stars on Frontal Crash Test – Videos

While it may have achieved an overall crash test rating of four stars, in the front crash test performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the Coda EV achieved a rating more in line with the quality of its design: 2 stars.

It’s worth noting that the Coda EV was actually put through two tests, the first before the vehicle was recalled by NHTSA for its side and window airbags. Due to that, the Coda EV first time around didn’t receive a rating for the side impact test and no overall rating. After the automaker fixed the issue, NHTSA rated the Coda EV through its categories.

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The Coda EV scored five stars on the side crash and rollover tests, but saw a poor two-star result in its frontal impact tests. It’s worth noting that the passenger safety on the frontal impact did net four stars, but the driver rating was a disappointing two. As a result, the Coda EV got an overall four-star rating in its crash tests from NHTSA.

Watch videos of the Coda EV sedan being crashed below.


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