‘Escape Belt’ is the Seat Belt That Hates Getting Wet

‘Escape Belt’ is the Seat Belt That Hates Getting Wet

Netherlands-based company Fijen To Make Life Safer has created a seat belt that hates getting wet and named it the Escape Belt. 

Back in 2007, it was awarded the Best Idea of the Netherlands and has since become fully developed and is now available.

Though its practicality and usefulness could be debated, the Escape Belt essentially is a mechanism that will automatically disengage your seat belt if your car starts taking in water. By taking advantage of similar technology found in lifejackets, the waterpill is linked to the impact mechanism on the Escape Belt so that the unlocker can activate at the right time.

Of course the debate is whether or not it just gives you a false sense of security. What if it fails? What if it engages at the wrong time? Probably a moot point, since the company is selling it as an aftermarket add-on, meaning the chances it’ll make it to America are slim.

According to the company, the Escape Belt can be “installed easily on almost any existing seat belt through a few simple steps with the supplied Allen key.” The company also manufactures the Escape Hammer and Escape Light.

Watch a video of the Escape Belt in action below.

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