Ex-GM Engineer Found Guilty of Sharing Trade Secrets

Ex-GM Engineer Found Guilty of Sharing Trade Secrets

A former General Motors engineer along with her husband have been found guilty of conspiring to sell GM trade secrets to Chinese automaker Chery Automobile Co.

Shanshan Du was found guilty of conspiracy to possess trade secrets without authorization and two counts of unauthorized possession of trade secrets, though she was cleared on three counts of wire fraud. Her husband on the other hand was found guilty of all six charges, including a seventh charge of obstruction of justice.

Du left GM’s advanced technology group in March 2005, but not before copying thousands of internal documents onto an external hard drive.  The documents specifically had to do with General Motor’s hybrid technology, which Du planned to use in a joint venture with China’s Chery automobiles.

Though sentencing has not occurred yet, it is very likely that both will face jail time, and up to $250,000 in fines.

[Source: Reuters]

  • “The documents specifically had to due with General Motor’s hybrid technology”; should read  “…had to do with…” Editor? Anyone?

  • Bookface

    Gotta love the Chinese and their dedication to steal and copy.  Their logo is a morph of Toyota and Infiniti and their name is bastardized copy of “Chevy”.  American companies need to beef up control of their designs.

  • BTZ4455

    I don’t get it, we Americans seem to be quite passive as far as how we let the Chinese steal whatever they’d like from us as far as intellectual property goes. The Clinton administration was all too happy to sell our top secret military technology, our big corporations like GM in this case, are being robbed blind of their very expensive R+D tech and as far as copyright law, well that’s just a big joke to the Chinese, we can copyright whatever we like and they’ll run it through their copiers like its nothing at all. Its time we start getting tough on this!