Fisker Seeks Partner After Tumultuous Year

Fisker Seeks Partner After Tumultuous Year

After a rough year full of being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, Fisker is looking forward to 2013 and is hoping to turn the corner with a strategic partner.

The American electric automaker is in talks with potential strategic partners, according to its founder and Chairman, Henrik Fisker. The exec hopes that it can strike a deal with a partner sometime next year, and ideally it would be a close relationship in order to develop platforms together.

Currently, Fisker Automotive has relationships with General Motors and BMW. GM currently provides the powerplant for the Karma model, while BMW is in line to supply the gasoline engine for the upcoming Atlantic model – if it ever makes it into production.

Ever since the Department of Energy froze its low-interest loan to the American automaker, Fisker has had to stop development work on the Atlantic and its financial problems are becoming a burden.

Strategic partnerships between automakers have proved successful in recent years. The best case in point would be Toyota and Subaru’s collaboration on the FR-S and BRZ. In fact, Toyota works with Fisker’s main rival, Tesla Motors. Tesla is providing the drivetrains for the new RAV4 EV model.

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Most importantly though, Fisker stressed that he’s not looking for a buyer for the brand and is looking forward to recent changes in helping turn everything around. The automaker recently brought on a new CEO, Tony Posawatz, who was the former Chevrolet Volt project chief. Joining Posawatz is Joel Ewanick, GM’s former global marketing chief.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]