Ford Fusion Hybrid, C-Max MPG Claims to be Reviewed by EPA

Ford Fusion Hybrid, C-Max MPG Claims to be Reviewed by EPA

Ford’s 47 mpg claims for its two new hybrid models have come into question and now the Environmental Protection Agency has announced it will review the automaker’s claims.

After recently finding fault with fuel economy numbers by both Hyundai and Kia, Ford’s mpg claims are now set to be investigated. Numerous outlets reported disappointing numbers (including in our own reviews of the 2013 Fusion and C-Max Hybrid), while an independent investigation by Consumer Reports determined that the real world numbers they achieved were just 39 mpg for the Fusion Hybrid and 37 mpg for the C-Max.

“Hopefully the EPA and Ford can look into this,” said Consumer Reports auto test chief. “It’s important to get to the bottom of this and make sure that the claimed fuel economy is going to be what consumers find in the real world.”

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In AutoGuide’s tests we achieved an average of 40 mpg for the Fusion Hybrid and 39 mpg in the C-Max.

While some difference between claimed numbers and real-world results vary, the magazine said the discrepancy between Ford’s claims and their tests were the largest ever recorded.

AutoGuide testing also drew into question Ford’s fuel economy claims on its turbocharged engines, though both Ford and the EPA responded by putting the blame on the driver. “EPA is not aware of broad fuel-economy discrepancies due to turbocharging,” wrote a spokesperson in an email. “Some turbocharged vehicles may be more sensitive to driver behavior than “conventional” vehicles. Driver behavior includes rapid acceleration, high speed, cargo mass, and towing.”

[Source: Automotive News]

  • The C-max EPA rating of 47/47/47 is grossly overexaggerated. Their Energi (plugin C-max) is rated at 44/41 when on gas only which is about what the regular c-max should be rated as well, but isn’t.

    40.8MPG real world average for the C-max, 42.4MPG real world average for the Prius V on Fuelly. On the government site ‘Fueleconomy’, the numbers are similar for user submitted MPG

    The Ford Fusion Hybrid is a similar story.