Ford Unintended Acceleration Probe Upgraded by NHTSA

Ford Unintended Acceleration Probe Upgraded by NHTSA

Unintended acceleration is an ugly phrase to throw around in the automotive world after the scandal that involved Toyota in 2009 and 2010.

While considerably less publicized, Ford is under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) microscope because of a similar issue with its Fusion sedan as well as the Lincoln MKZ and Mercury Milan. Now, NHTSA is upgrading the investigation it opened in May, 2010, to an engineering analysis, which is the next step toward issuing a recall.

According to the agency, accelerator pedals may become stuck by unsecured or double stacked floor mats. There haven’t been any injuries reported as a result of the issue, but NHTSA has received 52 complaints so far.

“We were disappointed by NHTSA’s upgrade of this investigation, particularly since the condition under investigation relates to improperly installed, unsecured or double stacked floor mats, but we will continue to cooperate fully with the agency through this process,” Susan Krusel, a Ford spokeswoman, said to Bloomberg.

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Reports of unintended acceleration issues with Ford vehicles haven’t been restricted to the Fusion and its sub-brand derivatives either. Concern and complaints about Ford Escape crossovers speeding up unexpectedly. In that case, the issue isn’t with floor mats, but instead with potential damage to the cruise control cable while the vehicles were being serviced for an unrelated issue.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • J Mack

    Ford must have more issues than any other automaker. I SWEAR!

  • Screaming Mimi

    Yeah no kidding. I wouldn’t buy anything from them even if it meant 0% financing, cash on the hood AND a date with the dealership manager’s hot daughter. OK maybe I would, but that’s not the point.