Ford’s New People Mover Could Get Diesel Power

Ford’s New People Mover Could Get Diesel Power

At the introduction of the 2014 Ford Transit commercial vehicle last week, the brand suggested that the Transit Connect and people-mover Wagon may also get diesel power in the near future. 

An oil-burning engine has so far only been earmarked for the large Transit, which is looking to compete with the Mercedes Sprinter, though Ford execs hinted that the smaller Transit Connect and Transit Wagon could use diesel power as well. “Diesel engines have potential for U.S Market in Transit Connect, Wagon,” said chief engineer Darren Goddard.

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The exact engine to be used was not discussed by the company, though it may be a smaller four-cylinder diesel currently offered overseas. The current push towards diesels in the marketplace seems to point towards a Transit Connect and Transit Wagon with a diesel option.

Another seemingly good fit is that the 5-cylinder 3.2-liter diesel could find its way under the hood of the F-150. Once again, the transmission is the same six-speed unit currently found in the half-ton, and with the engine rated around 197 hp and 347 lb-ft, the small diesel engine could replace the small non-turbo V6 option in the F-150 that makes 302 hp, but only 278 lb-ft of torque.

When asked outright about a diesel F-150, Ford executives would not deny or dispel the rumor in any way, though of course they would not confirm it either.

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