GM Renews “El Camino” Trademark, Sparking Rumors

GM Renews “El Camino” Trademark, Sparking Rumors

Before General Motors ran into a financial crisis in 2009, the American automaker had plans to import its Holden ute to the U.S., with GM going so far as to debut it as a Pontiac model at the New York Auto Show.

Bankruptcy and reorganization axed all of those plans, but since the bailout and GM’s positive growth it appears that the Holden ute is back onto the schedule and is likely going to resurrect the El Camino name for the Chevrolet brand.

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Back in August, General Motors filed a trademark application for the El Camino name, giving the first indication that it is being prepped for a return. Raising the likelihood is the fact that GM’s new SS model (a performance-oriented rear-drive sedan based) is set to debut later this year – the SS being a Holdon Commodore-based car, and sharing the same platform as the Ute.

[Source: GM Authority and Adelaide Now]

  • Fxcamaro

    please please please bring this out so I can have one as a demo to test drive it at my dealership and then i’ll buy one to drive as my daily and have my 68 camaro as a weekend car, please bring it back

  • Jffry J. Jrdn

    I’m still waiting for my Chevy SS GM.

  • Steve

    I want an El Camino NOW!!

  • Skinyfisher

    Re-name it as it will never be an El Camino in any sense let alone its bad design, have seen up close the proto and NO. Make and break it but don’t fake it! I is an import period and not part of the famous names that made Chevy El Camino, Chevelle, Nova, Corvette, Impala, Nomad, Belair and on, none of those were made out of the country. It will be a flash in the pan and gone again.  

  • jake

    Dear god I have a 78 el co if they pass this on I will be EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED one it looks like shit two its out of the country so much for “the heartbeat of America”

  • Joe

    If the box is for feet wide I will order one today!


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