Infiniti Confirms 550+ HP Flagship, Defends Name Change

Infiniti Confirms 550+ HP Flagship, Defends Name Change

Recently, Infiniti announced an unprecedented and arguably awkard decision that would see almost every model in its lineup sporting a new name starting with the 2014 model year, and in a statement defending the move, the brand also confirmed a new 550 hp, V6 powered flagship. 

Using its old nomenclature, Infiniti hinted that the new car would have been called the M30, which means the new flagship is powered by a 3.0-liter V6 powerplant with “potent charged induction” and could be a sedan.

The statement went on to exlpain the new nomenclature. As the Japanese automaker expands into a global brand, new markets are confused by its current naming scheme – is a JX better than an FX, for example – so the change is to not only ensure all its new models will have non-trademarked names, but that its nomenclature simply makes sense. Ordering the cars by numbers makes things simple, as a Q70 will undoubtedly be more expensive and more of a car than the Q50.

The new names were also caused in part because Infiniti plans on releasing several new models over the upcoming years and ran into the situation of finding alphanumeric combinations that weren’t already taken by another automaker.

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Infiniti also confirmed that all-wheel drive models will no longer be designated by an ‘X’ in its name, but will simply be indicated by special badging that describes the feature on the car and will not be part of the model name.

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[Source: Infiniti Facebook]