Kia Launches New UVO eServices Infotainment System

Kia Launches New UVO eServices Infotainment System

Trying to keep up in the constantly changing landscape of automotive technology, Kia launched the newest version of its UVO infotainment setup, which debuted in a 2014 Kia Sorento at the 2012 L.A. Auto Show. 

New for 2013, UVO has adopted a telematics system called eServices, powered by a smartphone app. The app will power many of the systems functions, including voice-controlled navigation, vehicle diagnostics, 911 connect and enhanced roadside assistance.

The 911 feature will alert the authorities if the airbags deploy in your vehicles, while the diagnostics will automatically search the vehicle for operating problems, and will schedule an appointment online with the nearest Kia dealership and alert the owner through their phone if one is found.

The app comes at no extra cost, and will provide services like a parked vehicle locator which will direct you back to your car if you can’t find it.

When the 2014 Kia Sorento goes on sale, the UVO system will only work with iPhones, but Android phones are expected to be adopted by the second quarter of 2013.