Kia Names Ex-Audi Designer Peter Schreyer as President

Kia Names Ex-Audi Designer Peter Schreyer as President

Legendary designer Peter Schreyer, most known for his work at Audi, has been appointed as the first non-Korean president of Kia Motors. 

Schreyer was hired from Volkswagen back in 2006, and is credited with Kia’s ‘Tiger Nose’ design which can now be found on the front end of almost every vehicle in the brand’s lineup. The promotion makes Schreyer one of three presidents of the company.

Schreyer was originally hired to help the Korean brand overhaul its entire lineup, to give them a better global portfolio. The appointment of Schreyer shows Kia’s ambition to outdo its German rivals, which was a key part of the brand’s strategy when it first hired Schreyer back in 06.

“I wanted to give Kia a character and a family feel… If you come to a country and you see a Kia, you should recognize it immediately, like you recognize a BMW or Mercedes immediately,” Schreyer said in an interview.

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[Source: Automotive News]