Kia Will Compete with Luxury Automakers by 2017: Exec

Kia Will Compete with Luxury Automakers by 2017: Exec

With the Kia Quoris heading to America in 2014, the Korean automaker is making the bold statement that it’ll compete with other luxury automakers by 2017.

Kia, which is owned by Hyundai, has certainly done a great job turning its image around the last few years. Hyundai has done the same, and both Korean automakers now have their eyes set at the luxury auto market. The only problem is, Hyundai declared the same statement with a goal of 2010, and the Equus hasn’t quite captured the market that Hyundai had hoped.

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So will the Quoris be a better bet? Only time will tell. Based on the same architecture as the Equus, the Quoris went on sale this year in Korea as the K9 and is expected to be priced around $55,000 when it goes on sale in America.

It’s an ambitious statement to make, considering the public still sees both Korean automakers as manufacturers of quality, yet affordable cars.

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