Lexus Cements Green Luxury Lead With Half a Million Hybrids Sold

Lexus Cements Green Luxury Lead With Half a Million Hybrids Sold

With Toyota the outright leader in global hybrid sales, it comes as little surprise that its Lexus luxury division is also out in front when it comes to sales of gasoline-electric vehicles.

As the end of 2012 approaches, Lexus has announced that since 2005 it has sold over half a million hybrid models. Back in 2005, Lexus sold just 26,000 vehicles with its Lexus Hybrid Drive, while year-to-date, over 113,000 hybrids have been sold. In total, Lexus says current hybrid sales make up roughly 25 percent of its global volume.

Of note, in much of Europe Lexus only sells hybrid models, with h-badged cars accounting for 85 percent of all Lexus sales in Western Europe.

The easy volume seller continues to be the RX hybrid crossover with total sales since its introduction of 259,000 units. However, that’s certain to be out-paced in the coming years by the newly introduced CT200h.

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While a niche product in North America, it’s he volume seller in Europe and in just two years totals 122,000 units sold.

Much of Lexus’ success can be tied to its leadership in hybrids, being first to sell a luxury hybrid SUV (the RX400h), as well as first to sell a luxury hybrid sedan, the GS450h. To date, 32,000 GS hybrids have been sold, including 8,000 this year.

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