McLaren P1 Production Details Revealed

McLaren P1 Production Details Revealed

At a recent private event in New York, McLaren put its P1 on display and revealed some info on the production model, saying that the vehicle was 97-percent production spec. 

Some details that came from the event include information on the vehicle’s brakes, its rear spoiler, wheels and changes to the front bumper. The British automaker hopes to reveal the production P1 at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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As for what we’ll see once the production McLaren P1 is ready, the supercar will sport carbon fiber rotors co-developed with Akebono. The technology is borrowed from the F1 and will be a production car first, though it won’t be using carbon fiber brake pads. The rotors will be polished to a mirror finish, rather than sporting a dark, carbon fiber weave.

For the active rear spoiler, McLaren elaborated that it would be able to tilt in both directions to a maximum 29 degrees, increasing drag and acting as an air brake. And don’t expect to see some standard aluminum wheels on all four corners of the P1; McLaren will be building its wheels out of “super aluminum,” which according to the automaker is as light as magnesium but more durable.

Lastly, the front bumper will see some slight changes with additional vents to help hot air escape the front-mounted radiators. The mesh covering the rear will also feature a tighter, finer weave in order to show off the engine, rear suspension and rear spoiler.



[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • Will M

    So we still don’t know anything about what the horsepower will actually be? Bummer…

  • Noe Japan

    That shown looks like a scale model.

    Anyone reading this site actually know of any scale model manufacturer producing the mclaren spider or even p1 yet?

    I contacted maisto etc but not yet ….. The regular macca coupe is out I know

  • Colum Wood

    I can confirm that that photo is not of a scale model. It was taken by News Editor Luke Vandezande. As for scale models, no word yet.