Nissan NV200 Taxi Sparks Lawsuit Against New York City

Nissan NV200 Taxi Sparks Lawsuit Against New York City

Anyone who thought the deal Nissan inked for a 10-year monopoly on providing New York’s taxi cabs wouldn’t cause trouble had better think again.

The Committee for Traffic Safety, a trade association that manages about 15 percent of the city’s licensed taxis, is suing the city over the decision, saying the city doesn’t have the legal authority to grant Nissan a monopoly.

Complaints by the association say New York City taxi owners “will have all choices eliminated and will instead be required to purchase and drive the NV200 and the NV200 only. Nissan will have a monopoly not only on the initial manufacture of the only approved yellow cab, but will have a stranglehold on replacement parts.”

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The lawsuit also challenges the NV200 taxi’s unproven reliability record because the vans haven’t been built yet.

“The Nissan NV200 is not yet in production and thus completely untested under normal operating conditions for New York City taxicabs, including stop-and-go traffic for 24 hours, seven days a week,” the association said.

While that’s true, it’s worth noting that many of the current taxis in the city are Ford Escapes which has been plagued by several issues meriting recalls.

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