Porsche Panamera Coupe Confirmed by Brand Boss

Porsche Panamera Coupe Confirmed by Brand Boss

Porsche will build a front-engine coupe based on the Panamera (pictured) in the future, likely before 2018 which is the brand’s target to have at least four new vehicles on the market.

When that car make sits debut, it will be Porsche’s first return to a front-engine coupe since the 928 which it stopped building in 1995. While specific dates aren’t clear for that car yet, there are two others almost ready to launch: the Macan small crossover and 918 Spyder supercar which will both sell next year.

Porsche also showed a wagon version of its Panamera during the Paris Motor Show in September, but it isn’t approved for production yet. Still, Porsche is scheduled to debut a heavily refreshed version of the car in 2013 and there’s a good chance that car previewed what the brand will offer in its updated model.

There are also other variants on the Panamera under consideration including a smaller sedan version called the “Pajun,” which is meant to stand for Panamera Junior.

[Source: Automotive News]