Renault Alpine On Track for 2015 Launch

Renault Alpine On Track for 2015 Launch

Renault is working hard on its Alpine sports car, built in collaboration with Caterham, which the French automaker aims to launch within three years. 

Stephen Norman, Renault’s head of marketing, confirmed that the car would not take four years to develop and hinted that it won’t be “soft”. Norman described the Renault Alpine’s DNA as French and not German, saying it will be “light and look different, and have a touch of French dash.”

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Norman is also not shying away at who the target market is. The new Alpine will appeal to the French or a Francophile according to Norman and won’t be more hardcore than the Mazda MX-5.

The Alpine will be priced at less than $80,500 (£50,000) and will be powered by a Renault engine with around 250 hp.

[Source: Autocar UK]

  • Greenjeep1998

    Looks wicked!

  • Renault Owner

    Your target market is here and waiting, driving RS250’s and RS265’s looking for something with more depth, power and the ability to stand out as something different.  Bring it on ASAP!!!