Rolls-Royce Off-Road Hoonage: Must Watch Video

Rolls-Royce Off-Road Hoonage: Must Watch Video

The chunks of grass and mud flying out from under this Rolls-Royce are almost like fistfuls of money going through a wood chipper. You can see the value going down and it’s awesome.

It’s safe to say the car’s 6.7-liter V12 wasn’t getting anywhere near its estimated 11 mpg city rating, but just imagine for a moment that it’s a disgruntled butler who’s driving the car. Cristal never meant to sell champagne to hip hop and chances are good that someone at Rolls-Royce is massaging their temples over this video for much the same reason.

Then again, it might be one of the few times someone actually had the cojones to prove that these cars can do more than ferry stuffy rich people from one fundraising dinner to the next.

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  • blotto

    What an over-privileged, spoiled brat.